"Our A-2-Z Thriving Business Blueprint is the smartest and most effective way to successfully build and grow your start-up or existing business and cause you to stand out from the competition.

For the past 10 years I've had the honor of delivering proven business development strategies to diverse audiences around the globe. Here are just a few platforms I’ve been privileged to present on... “


Building a Business Too Complicated Or Confusing?

Discover how to establish your unique brand identity, keep your sales funnel flowing with your ideal
clients and other winning strategies with a competitive advantage


Meet Legal Compliance

Establish Strong Brand

Capitalize On Your Advantage

Our system is comprehensive and will guide you through the necessary requirements to ensure your business
is in legal compliance. This is the
essential foundation for building
a successful business.

Branding is powerful!  It is not about
logos, websites and products packaging.
Simply put, it is the way in which prospects perceive you. Learn how to establish a reputation that directs how your business
is perceived.


Why start a business if you don't have
a plan to set yourself apart from the rest?
You will discover how to strategically
position yourself to attract your ideal
customers or clients and capitalize
on your unfair advantage.


Here’s What You Will Achieve with Our A-2-Z Thriving

Business Blueprint System ...

Leverage the power of a proven system that disrupts outdated techniques and get the
VIP Formula for Success your business needs once and for all...


We Make The Business Building Process Easy

Inside our world-class business building platform you get to develop your business on your own terms as it fits your schedule. Whether in the privacy of your home or on the go, you get to choose your own learning environment.

Each step of our business building system is described in detail and includes easy to follow instructions that you can begin executing right away. You'll get to track, update and monitor your progress in a systematic way.



Essential Building Blocks to Start
and Grow Your Business

Our A-2-Z Thriving Business Blueprint System, also known as, Your Unfair Advantage Program, was developed for entrepreneurs who are serious about stepping up their game! You'll learn the key factors that contribute to your long-term success and unfair advantage.

You will be given high-impact tips, tools and strategies for building a strong, viable business. If you get stuck or have a question, we're just an email away and will respond within 1 business day.



Our Tutorials Are Adaptable to Different Learning Styles

We understand that not all learning styles are the same. Some people learn best by Hearing; some learn best by Seeing; others by Reading and Writing and still others learn best by Doing. We've incorporated these different learning styles in our blueprint system.

The modules include myth-busting audio tutorials taught by the system creator, Rebecca McClain. There are also workbooks and exercises to apply what you learned in each session.




Introducing the A-2-Z Thriving Business Blueprint System ...

Establish and Grow Your Business in an Exclusive Secure Learning Portal

»    1 -  Exclusive Business Building Platform   

You are provided a well-laid-out business building system with exclusive admission to start or grow your existing business. You are in total control, with the discretion to progress as fast or as slow as you wish.


»     2 -  Overcome The Common Start-up Jitters 

The bonus Business Startup Checklist is designed to help you ease into entrepreneurship. You are given the step-by-step pre-requisites that will establish your business' legitimacy, thereby avoiding major common pitfalls from internal and external.  


»     3 -  Integrate With Your Existing Business Model

Inside the system you get to select from a laundry list of tips, tools and resources for the best combination of strategies to incorporate into your current model. You are given a high quality experience to customize the best possible outcome for your business.


»     4 -  Maximize Your Business Growth Potential

Discover how to keep your business growing consistently over time, even during an economic downturn.  Learn about the factors that will increase your growth beyond the 5 year mark when most businesses fail.


»     5 -  Customize Your Business Action Plan

Start seeing results by executing the daily, weekly and monthly steps in Your 90-Day Action Plan. You get to customize the activities and strategies that will yield the best returns for your business.



Just A Few Powerful Features of the A-2-Z Thriving Business Blueprint System


Position Your Business For Unlimited Potential By Tapping Into Our
Reservoir of Information

Select the tips, tools, strategies and resources to start, establish and grow your business

Inside we address the major components that contribute to the growth potential for businesses universally. We also understand that there are many types of businesses and subsets. Some modules include tips, tools, strategies and resources that are uniquely valuable for specific types of businesses and demographics.


1 - Business Systems Approach

Because we understand the power of a business system, we use four key,  interrelated, performance excellence elements including Strategies, Processes, People and Technology.

By implementing a business system that focuses on these key elements, you create scalability and sustainable value in order to gain a competitive advantage.


2 - VIP Success Formula

Get real-world statistical data that debunks the myths and long-held societal norms about what it takes to become successful in business. Traditional teachings have proven outdated, and costly, as more and more entrepreneurs are achieving extraordinary success via technological advances and social consciousness.

The VIP Formula for Success breaks down the weight given to each measure with a true success equation.


3 - Marketing Analysis

We examine a laundry list of online and offline line marketing tactics for small businesses with low budgets because we understand the financial constraints of most startups and growing companies. 

Included is an entire bonus module dedicated to social media marketing. You'll learn how social media marketing works and what it takes to market to your target audience in a way that generates engagement and the right leads.

4 - Client Magnetism

No doubt you've seen customers stand in long lines, in the sunrise and rain, to patronize certain businesses. Every business aspires to attract customers who are enthusiastic about spending money with them.

This customer magnetism is not by accident. We'll unveil the secret sauce that many businesses have discovered that keeps their pipeline flowing with new and returning customers.


5 - Customer Loyalty

It costs a business more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. Existing customers spend more than new customers. Suffice it to say, customer loyal really pays off and businesses need to consider what they can do to drive repeat business.

We address what customer loyal is, why it's important, how to get it, how to keep it and the value it adds to your customers and your business.


6 - Recession Ready

Business is unpredictable and you should count of change; it's unavoidable. Most businesses don't come out of a recession unscathed. Being pro-active can mean the difference between your company landing on its feet or on its back!

We address strategies that will give your business it's best chance of surviving future economic downturns. 


7 - Your Unfair Advantage

You can't capitalize on your unfair advantage if you don't know what it is. You'll learn what the concept means, how to name yours and use it to set yourself apart from other businesses.

It's important that you know what you have to offer others and what you bring to the table. You'll learn how to dial into what it is that sets you apart and use it to your advantage..





Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. If

you are not satisfied with our A-2-Z Business

Building Blueprint System for any reason within

the next 30 days, send us an email and

we will refund your money.


The Smart Way to Build Your Own Successful Business ...


"Own your stuff. Own your Business.
Own your way.  There are people whose
lives are tied to your dream."

— Tyler Perry
World-renowned Movie, TV and Music Mogul
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Get STARTED today - here is what you get:

  • Complete A-2-Z Business Building Blueprint System with Seven Modules including Audio, Written, Graphic Tutorials

  • Exclusive Access to Secure Learning Portal for Startups and Growing Businesses

  • Expert Business Building Coaching and Support via Email

Act NOW for these exclusive bonuses:

  • Business Startup Checklist

  • Social Media Marketing Made Simple

  • 90-Day Action Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


When does the course begin and end?   Do you provide support if I get stuck using the system?

You have lifetime access to the course once you enroll! It is a completely self-paced online course that you decide when you start and when you finish.


Most definitely! My team and I will help you through your issues via email to help@yourunfairadvanage.biz. Obviously we can't build your business for you but we'll guide you in the right direction and help you get past the issue.

Is this an instructor led course?   How do I get access to the course?

All seven modules include audio tutorials are led by Rebecca McClain, creator of the program.


The links throughout this website will lead you to the A-2-Z Learning Portal. Your order enrolls you into our members-only portal where you will gain access to the course materials.

What if I'm not happy with the course?   How soon can I expect to see results?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, contact us at help@yourunfairadvantage.biz within the first 30 days and we will issue you a full refund.


The results you receive will depend upon a number of factors including, but not limited to, the time and discipline you devote to implementing the strategies outlined in the course.  That being said, participants typically begin seeing results within the first 90 days.


Just A Few Powerful Features of the A-2-Z Thriving Business Blueprint System




A-2-Z Thriving Business Blueprint
is a digital curriculum created by
Rebecca McClain to educate entrepreneurs
with tips, tools and resources to start
and grow their business


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